What to do if your system breaks down...

Number One

No Heat/ No Cooling

Check to make sure the thermostat is switched to proper settings. Check the main electrical service panel for any breakers tripped to the OFF position and properly reset the breaker check your air filter.
Number Two

Dusty Smell

This 'dusty' smell typically occurs after the system has been off and when turned off it is burning any accumulated dust. Simply change the filter, and if it continues call us.
Number Three

No Cooling

Your unit may be frozen. Check for frost on the suction line entering the evaporator coil on top of the furnace. Shut down the system if frost is present, then change the air filter and leave the system off until it is defrosted (approximately 4-8 hours) and then turn the unit back on. If this happens again call us.
Number Three

Hear grinding sounds from furnace or AC

Shut the system down and call us immediately!
Number Three

No Heat

Look at the flashing lights on the bottom blower panel window. Change the air filter and reset the furnace and see if it lights (should be slow lights fallowed by fast lights). If it does not call us.
What to do if your system breaks down
Meyer Mechanical What to do if your system breaks down

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