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Ductless mini-splits are the ideal air conditioning and heating solution for installations where adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive.

The matched combination of an indoor air handler and outdoor condenser is extremely efficient and reliable.

The indoor units can be mounted on any outside wall. A 2-3/4" diameter hole is all that's needed for connecting the two units. You can even install mulitple zone indoor units with just one compact, outdoor unit!

A mini-split opens the view from a window that might otherwise be blocked by a window air conditioner.

The units are operated by LCD wireless remote controls and are packed with convenience and comfort features.

Fujitsu HALCYON Ductless Heat Pumps

Halcyon Systems by Fujitsu are recognized by homeowners and HVAC Contractors for ease of operation, lifetime reliability and great preformance. Thanks to a variety of styles and applications for indoor units (wall mounted, ceiling cassette, concealed duct, and floor standing), Fujitsu Mini Splits are perfect for any home or office space.

Features & Benefits:

Auto Changeover - Operation Mode will be adjusted automatically to maintain desired temperature.

Sleep Timer - Gradually lowers thermostat settings in heating mode and raises them during cooling operation.

Mildew-Resistant Filter - Fujitsu Indoor Unit Air Filter resists growth of mildew.

Super Quiet Operation - Quiet mode of the indoor unit features extra quiet operation by reducing airflow.

Air Cleaning Mode - Quickly purifies the room enivonment.

Inverter Driven Compressor - Maximizes energy savings by making sure only the energy needed to precisely cool or heat an area is used. You can enjoy high-speed cooling and heating and consistent delivery of comfort year-round.

Fast Installation - Installs quickly and easily, having no need for major construction and remodeling.

Complete Zone Control - Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only those spaces in use.

Easy Maintainance - With easily accessible, washable filters and no ductwork to keep clean.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant - Uses R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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